Design & Plan

Our Design Team Will Make Your Ideas Come To Life

Many people associate any type of remodeling process with a “small revolution”. As a professional office remodeling contractor – we couldn’t agree more. That is why a well-planned office renovation can significantly ease the process and make it more pleasant. Planning is the first stage of any renovation job and should be done before any construction starts so that the work schedule and budget are known and managed with optimal efficiency.


LARX GROUP, Inc. offers comprehensive office renovation services, which don’t just stop at construction – we take planning and designing as importantly as we do actually building. During the designing process, we focus on creating a workspace that is welcoming, practical, and beautiful, while taking our clients’ ideas and inspirations and putting them into action.


With more than 2 decades of experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects, we can take on any type of job and design your office, office reception, dentist operatory, or any other commercial interior, so it’s fresh, modern, and inviting.


Learn more about our design & planning services below and see what we can do for you.

Office Design & Planning

Planning is the most important aspect as far as any remodeling project is concerned. What are the owner’s expectations? How does the client want the finished product to look? These questions, and many more, must be answered during the designing phase so that the final result is exactly what the client had in mind! Of course, our professional team of designers and architects will answer any questions at this point and make their own suggestions that may spark even more exciting ideas. This process saves our clients time and money by assessing potential problems and forecasting future needs.

Project Management

LARX GROUP’s project managers save you time, stress and money. They’re not only knowledgeable and skilled contractors but also organized and project-focused, taking any worries and burdens away from the customer. We understand that communication is essential to every phase of the office renovation project, that’s why we stay in frequent communication with the clients and inform them about any changes or progress made in the project. With our comprehensive project management you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll take care of building permits, inspections, timeline management, process coordination, and more, so you can focus on keeping your business going without any major disruptions.